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Still Not Seeing The Benifits?
The Benifits In Modern Collecting Are Listed Below

the value in live breaking

-You can Collect From The Comfort Of Your Home
-You Get Free Sleeves On Holos And Free Toploaders On Hits
(We Add In Unique Sleeves Occasionally For Your Cards)
-Each Pull Is Touched Only Once Before Sleeved and Protected
-Every Card Is Bundled In A Team Bag For Protection
-If You Get A Hella Hit You Can Send It In For Grading Immediately With Group Submissions
-You Got The Alt Art Flareon But Wanted The Jolteon?
(Lucky A Flareon Lover Just Pulled A Jolteon... Time For A Live Trade)
-GojiGang Can Facilitate Trades And Buys Amongst Members If Needed
-Become A Part Of A Digital Community Of Collectors
-Get In The Know About Your Hobby
-With GojiGang Shipping, Collectibles Are Shipped In A Card Box Perfect for Storing Cards
(From Doorstep To Shelf)
-Top Collectors Are Awarded A Spot In The Next Channel Art
Where You Will Be Drawn As An Anime Character Along With Other GojiGang Members
(Art Will Be Used During Live Streams And Future Projects)