Twin Deathscythe, Severing Scythe // Deathscythe Chronogear (Full Art) (TUS-102 JR) [The Underworld of Secrets]


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Set Name: The Underworld of Secrets
Release Date: 2022-11-25
Rarity: Ruler Rare
Card Type: Ruler
[Quickcast] Play this card only if you pay its cost with will produced by Gears entities. Cancel target spell or activate or automatic ability with one or more attributes. If you do, you may contract this card with "Sechs". If you control a card named "Deathscythe Chronogear", you may contract this card with "Neun" instead. Deathscythe Chronogear [Flying] J/resonators your opponent controls lose all abilities. This card gains [+1000/+1000] and [Barrier] as long as you control two cards named "Deathscythe Chronogear". 3: Destroy target J/resonator. You pay less to play this ability for each card named "Deathscythe Chronogear" you control. Play this ability only once per turn. [Enter] You may search your deck for up to nine cards and remove them from the game. If you do, shuffle your deck. If you removed cards with a total of nine different card names this way, take an extra turn after this one. This ability only triggers if you control two cards named "Deathscythe Chronogear".

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