Soul Absorption // The Ethereal King (TUS-082 JR) [The Underworld of Secrets]


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Set Name: The Underworld of Secrets
Release Date: 2022-11-25
Rarity: Ruler Rare
Card Type: Ruler
[Quickcast] Choose one: - J/resonators your opponent controls gain [-600/-600] until end of turn. - You may put any number of Ethereal resonators from your graveyard into your "Possession" EX Area. If there are three or more Ethereal resonators in your "Possession" EX Area, you may contract this card with "Reinhardt, Descendant of the Ethereal King". The Ethereal King [Swiftness] [Flying] [Bane] Whenever this card attacks >>> You may put an Ethereal resonator from your "Possession" EX Area into the field. If gains [Swiftness] until end of turn. Whenever an Ethereal resonator you control attacks >>> Recover this card.

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