Launch of Megiddo // Mover of Worlds (TUS-004 JR) [The Underworld of Secrets]


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Set Name: The Underworld of Secrets
Release Date: 2022-11-25
Rarity: Ruler Rare
Card Type: Ruler
[Quickcast] Choose one: - Recover a light or wind J/ruler you control. Draw a card. - You may contract this card with "Refrain, Resident of Wanderers' Castle". [Mastery] "Refrain, Resident of Wanderers' Castle" Mover of Worlds This card has "Refrain, Resident of Wanderers' Castle" in addition to its other names. Remove X magic counters from a J/ruler you control: Choose one. Play this ability only during your opponent's turn and only once per turn; - Destroy X target non-magic stone entities. - Cancel target spell with total cost X. - You gain X00 life.

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