Excalibur Genesis // Faria, Swordmaster of Creation (RCS-102 JR) [10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set]


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Set Name: 10th Anniversary: Ruler Collection Set
Release Date: 2022-12-02
Rarity: Ruler Rare
Card Type: Ruler
[Judgment] 0. Play this ability only if there are four or more guidance counters on this card. At the beginning of your main phase >>> Choose one; - Put a guidance counter on this card. - Put a guidance counter on target entity you control. Whenever one or more guidance counters are put on this card >>> - [Guidance](1): Produce W. - [Guidance](2): Draw a card. - [Guidance](3): Put a Hero from your hand into the field. J-ruler [Imperishable] [Enter] >>> Put the top card of your magic stone deck into the field rested. Then move all guidance counters from this card to other entities you control. At the end of your turn >>> Put a guidance counter on target entity you control.

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