Cursed Mirror of the Snake (Full Art) (TSD1-014) [Starter Deck: Lehen]


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Set Name: Starter Deck: Lehen
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Normal
Card Type: Spell
[Quickcast] [Untouchable] You may expel a water card in your hand rather than pay this card's cost if you have not played any spell or activate ability this tum and no player controls two or more magic stones. You pay U rather than pay this card's cost if you chose only one option and don't control a wind J/ruler. Choose up to two. Expel this card as it resolves; - Cancel target activate ability. - Target a spell that was played without paying more than one will. Its controller expels it. - Until the end of the next turn, players can only play spells or activate abilities during each player's main phase. Draw a card.

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