Attack of the Heavy Mobile Digimon! [BT9-102] (Event Pack 5) [X Record Promos]


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Set: X Record Promos
Card type: Option
Rarity: Promo
Play Cost: 0
[Main] You may trash 1 card with [Cyborg] or [Machine] in its traits in your hand to have all of your level 6 Digimon with [Machine] in their traits gain [Rush] (This Digimon can attack the turn it comes into play) and “[On Play] If this Digimon has a digivolution card, [Blitz]. (This Digimon can attack when your opponent has 1 or more memory.) ” for the turn.
[Security] You may trash 1 Digimon card with [Cyborg] or [Machine] in its traits in your hand to delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon whose play cost is less than or equal to the trashed card's play cost.

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