Aladdin, Wisher of Orphan Tales (TTT-099 R) [Thoth of the Trinity]


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Set Name: Thoth of the Trinity
Release Date: 2024-05-24
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Resonator
[Quickcast] [Mythic] [Enter] If you don't control a card named "Aladdin's Lamp", search your deck for a card named "Aladdin's Lamp" and I put it into the field rested. If you do, shuffle your deck. If you control a sub-ruler named "Alf Laylah", put three wish counters on a rested card named "Aladdin's Lamp" with no counters on it. If you do, that card gains [Mythic] until end of game. Rest a recovered addition you control named "Aladdin's Lamp" with wish counters on it: Choose one; - Put a light or wind Spirit resonator with total cost 4 or less from your hand into the field. - Remove target Story resonator from the game, then put it into the field under its owner's control. - Remove a wish counter from an addition you control. If you do, search your deck for a card and put it into your hand, then shuffle your deck.

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