Shipping Live Breaks

Things you should know about shipping.

Card Box Shipping

Ship your TCG Cards, Booster Boxes and ETBs Efficiently
(A shipping box that can be used as a Card Box for your Cards)
Standard Card Box

-A great way to ship your live break Hits with Bulk
-Using USPS Cubic Rates
-Up to 36 Packs of Pokemon tcg Hits and Bulk
-Also Perfect for Sealed Booster Boxes

ETB Card Box

-This box was made to ship one Pokemon ETB post live break
-Using USP Cubic Rates
-Room for ETB and extra cards

USPS Priority Box

Priority Shipping from USPS.
Standard Rates
1-3 Business Days
Small Rate Box

-Smallest package to ship cards in
-Can hold up to one Pokemon Japanese Booster Box
-Cost $9

Medium Rate Box

-The most cost effective shipping -Multiple booster boxes/ETB's
-Cost $16

Large Rate box

-Largest Shipping Box
-Cost $22